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Long Term Rentals

a small boat in a body of water

Wisconsin’s Lake Country Area has become synecious for boating and watersports. However it has also become a increasingly popular area for people to vacation and rent a house on either Pewaukee Lake, Lac La Belle or Okauchee. Access to restaurants, shopping as well as direct access to a lake greatly increases the odds of creating some memorable times with family and friends. But weather you own a lake house or just rent one, long term boat rentals might be a more affordable alternative in terms of money and time.

If you are on Okauchee Lake and don’t mind the drive to The Golden Mast Marina, it might make sense for you to join our boat club. Membership options are listed on this website. If you are on any other Lake within the lake country area and have access to a private pier we are more then happy to deliver the boat to your lake for the duration of the long term rental.

Renting a pontoon boat for your families summer home or just your summer vacation on the lake has has become much easier and affordable. Renting saves you the large up front expense of purchasing a boat, the maintenance costs, and the hassle of finding some place to store the boat in the off season. During long-term rental periods we require that you gas the boat leased yourself as needed. Should any issues with the pontoon boat occur while you have it we will either repair or replace it for you so you can continue enjoying your time out on the water.

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